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Providing residential cleaning services for your home or flat we always aim for perfection, reliability and full satisfaction from our customers. The range of services and prices are matched individually to your house and your needs to ensure you get, what you expect. Using only the best quality products we offer:

All sort of services our cleaners provide include:


This service is offered for those who like their house to be cleaned on a regular basis. We offer regular cleaning monthly, fortnightly, weekly and even daily if there is such a need. This is most popular option, which let us keep your house shining most of the time. Our regular cleans will leave every area of your property spotless and gleaming. Apart from ordinary methods such as dusting, hoovering, sweeping, mopping we offer other services for your houshold like high level dusting, internal window cleaning, bookcases dusting and many more you can think of. Just find out by calling Agenda Cleaning Services on 01775767030. No contract required.

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Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary or standard spring cleans, we offer dedicated professional cleaning services for any occasion. If you struggle to find the time to clean your house on a regular basis, deep cleaning might seem to be impossible. Those services are designed to suit your needs and circumstances. Every cleaning is different and covers a variety of aspects, we are always happy to discuss it over the phone or face to face with no obligations. Let Agenda take a strain!


If your previous tenants have just moved out and did not leave the property in good condition, and you need it shining to attract a new tenants, you are in the right place. Cleaning is what we do efficiently and professionally for competitive prices. Every inch of your property will be cleaned to the highest standards with good quality cleaning products. This type of service is also great for tenants, and letting agents as well as landlords dealing with high level rota. If you hand us the keys, they will always be kept locked in a safe place.


Changing home is always a big, tiring step in your life and brings lots of stress. Providing residential cleaning, we want to take over some of your responsibilities and let you rest when you deserve it. Whether you bought or rented a house, it is always nice to move in to freshly cleaned and sanitised place. Hiring Agenda's cleaners is the easiest and effortless way to bring your house back to its mint condition with no time wasted.


We know how stressful it is having builders around, and what mess they may leave. To ease your stress, we offer our professional after builders cleaning, which make your house shining from the top to the bottom. Our quick and reliable team will vacuum all carpeted areas, dust furnitures, mop hard floors, clean baths and toilets units, clean kitchen, and much more for your request. You are the boss.

We also provide additional cleaning services for request such as internal window cleaning, dishwashing, high level dusting, cleaning the front of all kitchen appliances and kitchen units, dust window frames, radiators, doors, dusting bookcases, light switches and sockets cleaning and more. Apart from all that, we are a very ambitious team and open to learn something new every day. If there is anything you can think of, that we could come in handy for, simply ask by calling on 01775767030. We love challenges - they are fun.

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